Redox is 100% safe for Animals

Animals thrive on ASEA just as humans do. The benefits are pretty much the same as for humans. And sometimes animals are even drawn to the product’s taste and smell.

Animals, ranging from household pets to racehorses, often experience amazing benefits seemingly more quickly than humans. Why is this?

One answer is that animals don’t have to overcome doubt and questions about something new. They recognise instinctively that Redox Signaling Molecules are  good for them. Another important factor is that there is no placebo factor in animals. Many pet owners report that their pets “ask” for the molecules, the same way they do for treats and food.

A life study that involved owners and pets was carried out by an International Animal Communicator and Educater in the UK.  She found that every team has experienced results ranging from good to miraculous.  Health and balance was restored. Animals experiencing symptoms attributed to old age, started acting younger in a matter of days or weeks.

Animals showed improvement in all aspects of their body, including moving better, digesting more efficiently, being more affectionate and keeping up with younger animals again.

She said:

“she had never seen cats, dogs and ferrets respond this quickly and deeply to one simple, 100% non-toxic product



Oscar My Cat

Oscar had a protruding eyelid. The vet, they suggested it was a virus and would go away in a few weeks.

However after a few weeks the eyelid still was still partially covering his eye. Asea was applied to his eyes and within days there was a vast improvement!

Asea and Pets

Orchids Love Asea

Spraying Redox Signaling Molecules directly onto plant leaves and blooms will encourage your plants growth, and aide recovery from disease.

“I’ve never had such beautiful blooms since I have sprayed Asea onto them”.

Asea on Orchids

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